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Using Fospha to drive growth through challenger Paid Socials

Using Fospha to optimize and then scale in Snapchat and YouTube.

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Using Fospha to justify vital investment in brand advertising

Using Fospha to optimize top of funnel marketing, Huel were able to measure brand activity and so invest in their growth.

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How Thread used Fospha to drive top of funnel growth

Using Fospha attribution instead of ad platform data allowed Thread drive a 16% incremental lift in new customer acquisition.

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Rapid revenue growth from reaching new customers

How Huel used Fospha to grow new customer revenue by 54% in just 6 months from onboarding.

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Luxury Direct Consumer Breand

$2m saved when Fospha uncovered ad fraud

Fospha's data gave a Direct-to-Consumer brand transparency on what was truly working in their marketing mix - and uncovered fraudulent activity from one of their biggest providers.

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From onboarding to business-critical decisions in less than 30 days

With time to value essential, Fospha onboarded SPOKE's online and offline channels in less than a month to deliver data-driven marketing insights.

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Uncovering the true impact of TV on sales

Fospha Marketing identified opportunities worth up to 81% increase in sales

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Mandarin Oriental used Fospha to identify their most profitable channels

Mandarin Oriental used Multi-Touch Attribution to uncover valuable insights on which channels are the most likely to convert profitable customers.

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AVADO increased return on ad spend by 30%

AVADO were able to save £200,000 in AdWord spend implementing a data-driven Multi-Touch Attribution model.

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