The leading customer data platform

It’s not enough to just capture the data. Fospha provides actionable insights to optimise your customer journey; giving you a lower, more scalable customer acquisition cost and higher lifetime value.

Optimising your customer journey

We make sense of your mass of scattered customer data from every user journey, interaction, device and silo, turning it into usable insight to optimise your customer journeys. We tell you the specific actions that have the most impact to increase your revenue and reduce your costs.

Our data show that focusing on optimising forms and funnels is a good place to start.



We build comprehensive, granular customer profiles so you can understand the entire customer journey from brand awareness through to customer purchase and after.



We identify how best to engage with your customers and deliver value throughout their entire journey.



We use prediction tools to understand customer intent and trigger 'in the moment' actions to positively influence them and drive conversions.

How Fospha builds a seamless journey

Full open data access for data teams and specific tools for organisations with no in house data capabilities.


Centralise your multi-device, multi-channel data

Fospha brings together your customer data from multiple channels and devices, to give you an in-depth analysis of each customer journey.


Establish a single view of each customer

Our detailed customer journeys enable informed, personalised marketing experiences for each customer.


Build powerful customer profiles

We create your main customer archetypes by integrating customer demographics, behaviour, device use and preferred channels.


Drive insights and predictions

Our analytical and predictive tools allow you to build insight and visualise the impact your actions would have on shaping customer behaviour.


Take informed actions to drive ROI

Take the right action, at the right time to trigger ROI enhancing moments.


Flexible visualisation and easy reporting

Our multi-dimensional data visualisations allow you to explore customer behaviour and create flexible reporting which can easily be shared around your business.

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Fospha is trusted by leading organisations and governments across the globe.

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