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$1,000,000 +


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For brands looking to save time on paid media reporting and spend with confidence through peer comparisons.

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  • Key Features
  • Save hours per week on reporting:
  • Checkmark Integrate all your core digital channels
  • Checkmark Automated reporting of ROAS, CPA & AOV​
  • Make better decisions:
  • Checkmark Benchmarks against your peers for key channels
  • Checkmark See where you're over- and under-invested
  • Checkmark Contextualize your weekly performance against market trends
  • Don't miss a trick:
  • Checkmark Cohort based comparisons show the best channels you're not spending in
  • Checkmark Networking with other clients lets you swap qualitative tips and tricks on the market

Attribution Pro​

Free Beta Available

For brands looking to level up beyond last-click & ad-platform measurement in a post iOS 14 and 3rd party cookie world.

30 day money back guarantee.

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  • Key Additional Features 
  • Future-proofed measurement:
  • Checkmark Market-leading measurement using Fospha's privacy-safe algorithms
  • Checkmark Attribution modelling for clicks and impressions in one model
  • Cut waste to boost profits: ​
  • Checkmark Move past Last Click and stop overinvesting in bottom of funnel media
  • Checkmark See & optimize to true CAC for each channel and campaign
  • Checkmark Smart UI to quickly surface campaigns where you can make savings
  • Reinvest for sustainable growth:
  • Checkmark Full-funnel reporting so you can justify investing for growth
  • Checkmark New and repeat customer segmentation so you can double down on acquisition
  • Checkmark Dashboards for everyone, from analysts to CFOs, to align the whole business for success





Get our free ebook on how you can level up your B2B SaaS content marketing

Get our free ebook on how you can level up your B2B SaaS content marketing

Try now with a 30-day money-back guarantee