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Oh Polly: Growth Without Compromising Efficiency

How Oh Polly Scaled Snapchat by 2.7X, Grew Overall Revenue by 46% in 2 Months, and Cut CAC by 20%

Knowing how to nail growth while keeping your customer acquisition costs stable can feel like a minefield for brands. When equipped with click-based attribution models, the potential behind impressions-led Paid Social channels like Snapchat is invisible.

Having established a significant following and loyal customer base, Oh Polly were looking for the next step to unlock explosive growth in the US.

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How Oh Polly Levelled Up From Last Click to Fospha

Oh Polly is a fast-growing, women's fashion retailer with a large social media following. Over the last 5 years, they have rocketed to success with a savvy social-media and influencer-first strategy. One of Oh Polly’s key goals was to continue sustained growth, particularly in the US, whilst improving marketing performance reporting. Tracking the effectiveness of Paid Social Media channels using traditional Last Click attribution models and ad platforms was becoming increasingly challenging.

Having tried click-based attribution providers like Triple Whale, Oh Polly turned to Fospha’s impressions and click modelling to get a holistic view of measurement across the funnel and understand which channels could accelerate growth.

Oh Polly went live in 27 days and got started on decision-making

Oh Polly were keen to move fast in order to get greater visibility into how their upper funnel channels were performing. Fospha’s no tag, no code implementation meant that onboarding was fast and painless, with Oh Polly going live within 27 days.

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Immediate results: spend up 85% with CAC improvement of 25%

In line with Oh Polly's growth goals in the US, the Fospha Customer Success team identified opportunity in Snapchat and designed a test to scale Snapchat within the US market. Fospha worked closely with Oh Polly to define measures of success and provide insights into optimizations.

This initial 21-day test led to extraordinary results - Oh Polly scaled spend by 85% whilst improving efficiency with CAC dropping by 25%. This would not have been visible through Last Click or other click-based models as Snapchat is a mobile-first, impression-led channel. In fact, Google Analytics only captured 6% of Snapchat conversions during the test, leaving Oh Polly without visibility of 94% of their marketing performance. 

Fospha has been a game changer for understanding how our paid media channels are performing” - Will Wilkie, Digital Marketing Manager

From strength to strength with Snapchat: 278% revenue growth in under 60 days

These results have given Oh Polly the confidence to continue scaling spend in Snapchat. Since Oh Polly have gone live with Fospha at the start of March, they have scaled Snapchat US spend by 233% which has led to an impressive 278% uptick in revenue. Snapchat has become one of Oh Polly’s most efficient channels in the US with CAC and CPP reducing by 20% on average.

During this period of increase Snapchat investment, Oh Polly also saw an improvement in overall blended metrics. Revenue increased by 46%, whilst still hitting overall CAC and ROAS growth targets.

Using Fospha data to make decisions has been instrumental to Oh Polly’s US growth. Internal marketing reporting has been strengthened through intelligence emails and GenAI reports.

Snapchat is a high performing channel and key growth driver for our US market. We would not have realised this without Fospha” - Fiona Grindlay, Fractional CMO

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