How LetsGetChecked used Fospha to grow their top of funnel marketing 

We asked Arden Kaley, VP Growth at LetsGetChecked how using Fospha helped her team scale their top of funnel marketing during a key time for the company.

Hello Arden! Can you give us a small introduction to LetsGetChecked?

Absolutely! LetsGetChecked is a global healthcare solutions company that provides the tools to manage health from home – from testing to virtual consultations and medication delivery – for a wide range of health and wellness conditions. We empower people with accessible health information and care to live longer, happier lives.  

There have been several shifts in the past few years that have affected our go-to-market strategies for our direct-to-consumer business. Obviously, there was a surge in demand for COVID-19 tests in 2021, but as we got further into 2022 we became more focused on maintaining the “new normal” of healthcare from home while adapting to the changing economic climate.


That sounds like a complicated time. How did Fospha help you manage?

We knew that our customers needed to hear about us, and more specifically - the wealth of at-home healthcare options that most people don’t even know are possible. Whereas in past years our team was more siloed and focused on driving success through their specific channels, we have become much more cohesive and unified in our efforts to drive efficiencies across the board.

But we know that the journey isn’t linear so we moved to a fully-attributed media plan this year – leveraging the data in the Fospha platform to inform all bidding decisions across all channels to ensure we were maximizing both revenue and efficiency in alignment with the customer’s journey, not the platform’s journey.

It sounds like Fospha came in to help at the perfect time! Where did Fospha help exactly?

Historically, we weren’t properly valuing the efforts of our paid social channels.Once we swapped over, we immediately we saw an overall improvement in our campaigns which, as any marketer knows, is a constant challenge in attributing success.

We know the data reported in Meta isn’t necessarily reliable, so it was really hard to push in this platform when we couldn’t see the downfunnel impact of our paid social spend. I knew we needed good quality data to know where to spend our marketing budget and more importantly, to grow the company.

Not only using the data within the Fospha platform, but also the integration with Smart.ly, allowed us to make bidding decisions from attributed data in conjunction with the insights from our Customer Success team – it was a total game changer.

We saw immediate improvements in our paid social performance, increasing by over 300% from Q1 to Q3 – just massive! Without Fospha, we wouldn’t have seen that increase and, more importantly, wouldn’t have known where we should be spending our marketing dollars. Fospha data truly became our “source of truth” and allowed us to allocate budget in the right areas to grow revenue profitably.



"Fospha has been the biggest factor in how we've transformed paid social to a massive strength in our marketing. Our team used the tools provided by Fospha to achieve this."



Arden Kaley, VP Growth

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