Solving measurement on TikTok: How Grind used Fospha data to grow blended revenue 26% while lowering CAC.

We talk to Liberty Radice, Head of Growth at Grind, about how she used Fospha uncover new growth opportunities on TikTok and unlock a 26% blended revenue growth with a drop in CAC. 

Hi Liberty! Can you give us a bit of background on the challenges you were experiencing pre-Fospha?

Sure! Prior to Fospha, we didn’t have a central source of truth and relied on data from ad platforms, GA and discount code data to make decisions. This made it really tricky to connect the dots between the marketing activity that was truly driving conversions, and understand where we should invest more.

Sounds familiar. Has Fospha helped with those challenges?

Absolutely, we’ve now got all our data in one place and it’s being run through one attribution model, and we’re finally having our data work for us. The way Fospha applies one model across all channels is awesome, it means we can finally compare Meta or TikTok CPAs directly. It’s great having everything in one interface too - in time saved alone Fospha pays for itself, and all of the opportunities we've found are upside.

Cool! Can you give us an example of what you’ve changed using Fospha?

We have seen some great success with TikTok. Before we fully adopted Fospha we had been running TikTok activity, but were seeing almost no sales in GA or from our discount codes, and weren’t convinced by TikTok’s own attribution. Using Fospha connected the dots for us and showed us that TikTok was driving sales – and at a great return.

Nice! Did you do anything to validate the results Fospha was showing?

The Fospha data was compelling but we needed to test it for ourselves to be sure. We tested shifting our budget mix towards TikTok, and taking some budget out of other channels where the Fospha CPA’s indicated we may have been saturated. We increased TikTok spend by 20% and month on month we saw TikTok revenue increase by 50%. Most importantly we saw overall revenue increase 26%, with CAC falling 21%.

Any other wins?

It’s been useful across the board. We primarily bought Fospha for Paid Social measurement – that's where we had a big measurement problem before and where they’re really strong – but we saw some great results in PPC as well. Previously we could never justify scaling PPC based on Google’s data alone, but with Fospha showing a great CPA, we scaled here and saw a 2.5x increase in revenue Quarter on Quarter. These opportunities to spend more and better have made a massive difference for us.

Amazing! Sounds like it’s been a good run?

Definitely, as a business we had a great 2022 – the optimizations made using Fospha made a massive difference for us. We’re only 6 months in so to have such an impact is great, adopting it has been fantastic – I now look at Fospha more than Meta and the other ad platforms.

We’ve got big growth targets for 2023, and Fospha’s a key part of our plan for how to reach them.

"Fospha is awesome - just in time saved Fospha pays for itself, and all of the opportunities we've found are upside."



Liberty Radice, Head of Growth at GRIND

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