How Gym King used Fospha to drive growth through Paid Social


Gym King

Gym King was founded in 2014 by Jay Parker with a vision to create multifunctional athleisure clothing. Gym King is now a destination where fashion & fitness collide. It has grown from humble beginnings to a multimillion-pound lifestyle & gym wear brand serving over a million customers across the world.

Gym King & Fospha

In October 2021, Gym King had been growing rapidly and their marketing channels and strategies had expanded to support that growth. Post iOS14, they knew that the limitations of ad platform and Google Analytics attribution would start to hurt growth, as they were finding it increasingly complex to know where to invest marketing budget to support profitable growth.

Working with their agency Journey Further,  they used Fospha to quickly get a view of their cross-channel return on ad spend (ROAS) and customer acquisition cost (CAC) that they could rely on, and they went on to exceed their Black Friday targets, using Fospha daily to optimize their channel mix.

Overall efficiency has been a top priority in 2022 and optimizing with Fospha allowed Gym King to spend more effectively, bringing CAC down by 37% and ROAS up 80% in the last two months.




At a channel level, notable highlights include Fospha’s attribution highlighting opportunities for growth in Snapchat, which is now a reliable channel for acquiring new customers through social. As of August 2022, they have seen a 133% increase in conversions and a 50% decrease in CAC following budget increases in Snapchat.




YouTube has also been a stand-out success, where Fospha showed them that YouTube itself was 10X underreporting on ROAS (another post-iOS impact). In the 3 months since scaling spend, Gym King got a 90% increase in conversions at a 33% lower CAC compared to the previous 3 months.



Key results:


37% reduction in blended CAC and 80% ROAS increase


90% increase in YouTube sales with a 33% reduction in CAC


133% increase in Snapchat sales with a 50% decrease in CAC

" Before Fospha we didn't have the clarity we needed to make decisions. "

Josh Colbeck


By pulling all our channels into one place and modelling performance, Fospha gives us the data and the confidence to scale spend.

Josh Colbeck, Paid Media Manager

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