How Underoutfit Scaled TikTok and YouTube to Unlock Millions in Revenue Growth While Improving Efficiency

Underoutfit is an innovative new brand changing the game with their line of shapewear and undergarments that put comfort and confidence first. As they grew rapidly to become one of the fastest growing D2C brands in the US, Underoutfit were struggling to see how to scale their marketing spend without damaging their efficiency. 

With FosphaUnderoutfit were able to see the potential of their upper funnel channels like TikTok and scale spend accordingly. The result? Underoutfit achieved an impressive $3.3 million incremental revenue in one month, while simultaneously bringing CAC down by 15%.

Here’s how they did it:


Image Credit: Underoutfit

How Underoutfit Gained Confidence to Scale Spend

Click-based models underestimate paid social

Prior to FosphaUnderoutfit used Triple Whale and focused on scaling their Meta conversion activity. However, over time they experienced limited scalability for growth in Meta and started running out of headroom to spend in their conversion-focused strategy. Their co-founder Felix realised they needed to a more diverse channel mix but they needed a full-funnel measurement tool that could prove the value of upper funnel spend. 

Click-based modelling significantly undervalues upper funnel activity, and in the case of Underoutfit, TikTok was having 9X greater impact on revenue than Underoutfits click-based model identified. 

Equipped with Fospha's evidence of the untapped value of their upper funnel, Underoutfit were able to adopt an omni-channel approach with brilliant results.

Higher Revenue, Lower CAC: How Underoutfit Cracked The Code

Underoutfit adopted Fospha in January 2024 and began optimising their channel mix within 30 days. Seeing the untapped value of their upper funnel, they significantly scaled their paid social spending across channels like TikTok and Youtube, increasing their TikTok spend by 2X.

Using Fospha on a daily basis to inform optimizations, Underoutfit were able to scale spend rapidly, without sacrificing efficiency. In fact, by distributing spend through a more diverse channel mix, they were able to cut CAC by 15%.

By feeding their upper funnel with an omni-channel approach, Underoutfit also improved the headroom in their Meta conversion strategy, allowing them to scale platform spend by 25%while cutting CAC for the platform by 18%. ​​

Increasing Revenue and Cutting CAC with Upper Funnel

By prioritizing upper funnel optimization with FosphaUnderoutfit achieved a remarkable feat: they reduced customer acquisition costs while simultaneously scaling key platforms like Meta, resulting in huge growth in weekly revenue by over 70% in just 2 months. Underoutfit's success story is a testament to the transformative power of a well-nurtured upper funnel in driving efficient growth. We can't wait to see what they achieve next!

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