To optimise the cost of scalable customer acquisition and lifetime value, marketing effectiveness can no longer be measured by touchpoints alone.

Instead it requires an understanding of the entire customer journey

However, the customer journey is becoming increasingly complex, with customers using multiple channels, devices and sessions on their path to purchase.

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Further complicating this, businesses often keep data from these interactions siloed – with expensive marketing decisions being made based on limited windows into the overall customer journey.

As a result, businesses are struggling more than ever to measure the precise contribution of their end-to-end marketing activities

And the cost of failing to adapt is huge...

83%: The average amount of marketing spend on activities that couldn’t be attributed to a conversion before our clients worked with Fospha

- Statistic from Fospha research (2017)

Fospha’s Multi-Touch Attribution Solution helps marketers:


Assign value to each marketing channel

We help you measure and understand the precise contribution of every marketing effort, at each step of every customer journey.

Derive cross-channel insights from your data

Through Fospha's Query Tool, our reporting UI, and integrations with the full suite of third party reporting and visualisation tools you gain an in-depth understanding of your cross-channel marketing activities.

Invest where the ROI is greatest

Pinpoint down to keyword and ad level, identify wasted spend and understand where to move your next pound, dollar or euro of your marketing budget in order to increase conversions and ROI.

Execute these insights at scale

Fospha integrates your attributed data with all of your marketing and bid management automation tools. With this, marketers can optimise their activities automatically, and at scale.
Simply put, we help marketers understand where to spend their marketing budget, and how to act upon these insights to optimise the cost of customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value at scale:
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Fospha is trusted by leading organisations and governments across the globe
Direct Line Group
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One of the leading motor, home and small business insurers in the UK.
Financial Services
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A global leader and employer in insurance and financial services in more than 70 countries worldwide.
Cox Media Group
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An integrated broadcasting, publishing and digital media company.
Liverpool Victoria
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One of the UK's largest insurance companies, offering a range of products from car, home, pet, travel and life insurance to investment and retirement solutions.
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Experts in the electronic manufacturing business, selling over 20 million sweepers globally.