State of eCommerce Advertising Report Q1 2022

Download Fospha's market summary showing channel and ad platform performance across eCommerce brands.


2022 has been a year of change for eCommerce brands. As well as the challenge of maintaining growth as lockdowns end around the world, iOS 14 is still having a significant impact on advertising in Meta channels.

This is a time of significant questions on strategy:

  • Whether to double down on Facebook ads or diversify the mix
  • Which new channels to invest in for new customer growth
  • How to optimize for high-spending customers
  • Whether to invest in top of funnel media
  • And much more

Fospha's insight across millions of dollars of media spend, run through a market-leading attribution model weighing clicks and impressions, provides a unique opportunity to understand which channels and ad platforms can be used for each of these use cases, and much more.

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Which channels have the highest ROAS?

Finally, apples-and-apples ROAS comparisons across marketing channels and ad platforms.

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How accurate is the data in your ad platform?

Independent validation of the reported results in Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ad Manager and more.

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How well is Meta really working?

Meta performance broken down throughout the funnel, so you can move past iOS 14 and see for sure how well it's working.

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