Marketing Science

Fospha fuses customer data engineering with advanced data science to transform the impact of marketing on revenue

Measurement rooted in science
Unlike ‘multi-touch models’ such as positional or linear, our advanced statistical models compute the fractional value of each touch by analysing all of your customer journey paths at individual level – at scale.

Customer Data Platform
Fospha is the first multi-touch attribution application which has been built with a mature customer data platform at its heart. We have been powering the enterprise data-layers of the biggest organisations for over 18 years.

Data Engineering
Fospha’s data engineering technology removes the biggest obstacle to effective marketing measurement – poor data quality – to democratise effective application of marketing science to transform performance for small and medium sized business, as well as enterprise.

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Measure incremental value
Our models are engineering to supplement each ‘touch’ with meta-data attributes from multiple data sources. The result? You can see the true incremental value of marketing activity.

Works with your existing tech
Fospha’s flexible platform allows us to ingest your existing data sources, join and model for a single visitor; then transport the data to wherever it needs to go to have the most impact on revenue for your business.

GDPR Compliant
The GDPR poses significant compliance challenges for all marketers. Be ready for May 2018 with support from Fospha’s dedicated GDPR Officer.

No Black Box
We are proud of our transparent approach and our customer success team can tell you exactly how the data are processed. You are in control; our self-service reporting interface allows you to dive in yourself to verify and produce your own insights at any level of detail.

Discover the value of multi-touch attribution for your business with Fospha’s 30 Day Diagnostic

Dive into the data from day one with Fospha’s self-service query tool

Our self-service dashboard and reporting interface delivers multi-touch attribution and visualisation out of the box. Marketing performance reports are available as standard. Our report building functionality allows you to build your own custom reports and edit the standard report suite. Add or remove columns, filters, calculations and constraints to see a different breakdown of your data, and then drill down to find out more information. Save reports, export them to Excel, and schedule reports via email to distribute relevant data around your organisation.

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Fospha unifies customer and marketing data to unlock hidden value…

…and sometimes our data is all that is required. Our background in data engineering means we can deliver the data to wherever it will be most impactful on revenue for your business.

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Don’t want another piece of tech?

Want to consume your attributed data through your existing reporting and visualisation stack?
Fospha integrates with everything from Tableau to Excel, so you don’t have to rely on another tool to pull insights from your marketing activities. You can just make sure the ones you already like using are populated with the right data.

Discover the value of multi-touch attribution for your business with Fospha’s 30 Day Diagnostic.

30 Day Diagnostic

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