It used to take 6+ months to fix your broken data. With Fospha, it takes 10 minutes.


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Marketing data is broken.

Fospha data shows that 60% of eCommerce sales are wrongly attributed. 

No one likes using Last Click, but for many it’s the devil you know. Ad platform attribution is siloed, inconsistent and often unbelievable, but for most brands it’s all they’ve got.

As privacy tightens and cookies disappear, tracking and measurement is harder than ever. 

Add to this the fact that marketers are drowning in data. With more and more systems and ad platforms, the measurement headache is only getting worse.


Fospha fixes this.

Just because all of this data is wrong, doesn’t mean it can’t be useful.

Fospha integrates data from every source into one place, making your life that much easier.

Layers of data science modelling rebuild your Google Analytics data to incorporate the role of upper funnel media and impressions.

At last, an unbiased view of performance that accurately reflects the role you know impressions-led channels play.


And then shows you just what to do next.

Data is one thing. Insights are another.

After rebuilding your marketing data to properly value clicks, impressions and the full marketing funnel, Fospha sends the output to a powerful marketing UI.

Fospha Analytics works as your first-line BI analyst. Quickly, clearly and cleanly see what decisions you need to make, where you can increase profitability and your best opportunities to push for growth.


“Fospha has given us the confidence to double our Paid Social spend.”

Matt Aikenhead

Paid Social Manager


Full-funnel modelling to see the opportunities you've been missing until now.

Fospha model clicks and impressions across the full marketing funnel so you can directly compare the performance of your channels.

You get a CPA for every Meta ad you can directly compare to TikTok and Google Search - no mental gymnastics required. Compare data to what you've been seeing in GA and Ads Manager to identify the growth opportunities you've been missing.


“The most sophisticated attribution model I’ve ever worked with.”

Jake Higgins

VP Growth


Know exactly how much you could be spending

Tired of knowing that there is headroom in paid social, but not having the data to prove it?

Fospha models for future conversions, showing you how much you need to spend in each channel to bring maximum returns inside your target. A 95% confidence interval gives you all the data you need to build a watertight business case in 10 minutes.


“Gives us the confidence to reallocate spend across channels and drive new customer growth.”

Rachel Ha

Commercial Director


Huge value wherever you're working

Identify opportunities in the Fospha dashboards. Recieve real time summaries in your emails.

Dive deeper with insight sessions with the Fospha team. Whatever your use case, Fospha is here to support.


“Without Fospha, we had no effective way of measuring our top of funnel spend. Now we can invest with confidence.”

Ben Bokaie

Head of Digital


Get into the data.

For those who want to go deeper…

Fospha is the tool of choice for analysts and BI teams. All dashboards and tables can be exported to Excel, or scheduled to an inbox or SFTP server.


“The data we receive from Fospha is an incredibly granular source of intellectual property for our BI team.”

Max McShane

Head of Digital

Octopus Energy

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