The Best Growth Strategies for eCom Brands

Maximize Your eCommerce Potential: Proven Strategies for Every Growth Stage


🚀 Understand Growth at Every Stage, with Insight from Represent Clothing, The Essence Vault, Pooch & Mutt and Meta!

As brands scale, their approach to marketing changes significantly - but knowing the best growth strategy in each stage can be incredibly difficult. With case studies from 3 brands experiencing explosive growth, and Meta's Marketing Science team, this report will shine a light on the optimal approaches at every stage of development.

What's Inside?

  • Start Up Brands use Paid Social and higher funnel to establish brand awareness. Pooch & Mutt used this strategy for strong year-on-year revenue gains.

  • Scale Up Brands focus on Conversion activity to capture demand. The Essence Vault used this strategy to scale Meta by 250%, while keeping acquisition costs low.

  • Mature Brands increase channel diversification, higher funnel spend, and start growing new markets. Represent used this strategy to scale Paid Social while improving efficiency, and set their sights on the US.

  • Majority Offline Brands are in the process of establishing their online presence. They spend primarily in click-based channels like Performance Max - but the data reveals huge opportunities in Paid Social.

  • The Optimal Funnel Mix?: the best optimized brands (i.e. lowest CPP) spend 18% in Awareness & Consideration activity in Meta, and 22% in TikTok.

This report is ideal for eCommerce business owners, marketing managers, and strategists who seek to optimize their online sales.

Whether you manage a Startup looking to establish a foothold, a Scaleup ready to expand its reach, an established brand exploring new opportunities, this report has tailored insights for you.

Case Studies

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Why Read This Report?

  • Actionable Insights: Clear, straightforward advice that you can apply immediately to see results.

  • Data-Driven Strategies: Learn from real-world examples and data-backed strategies that cover every stage of brand growth. With case studies from top brands: Represent Clothing, The Essence Vault & Pooch and Mutt, and insight from Meta!

  • Benchmarks for Success: Understand where you stand in your industry and how to move forward with confidence.

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