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The Direct-to-Consumer Growth Platform

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Fospha Marketing Suite


Independent views on cross-channel performance in one place, with everything adding up to 100% of reality. The key to driving high customer acquisition at optimal costs.


Realize the full potential for your budgets and brand. Identify and ease off on saturated channels delivering diminishing returns, and double down on activity with headroom to grow.


Use Fospha reporting, and our intuitive self-service Dashboard Creator, to dive into your customer data in the finest detail. Increase Customer Lifetime Value without breaking the bank.

Fast. Flexible. Powerful.

Built for Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce.

What problem do you want to solve?

  • Reduce wasted spend on paid media​​

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  • Distribute budget towards most effective campaigns

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  • What upside can I gain from comparing Data Driven Multi-Touch Attribution vs First/Last Click?

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  • How do I get all my siloed marketing performance data into one view?

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  • How do I make insights from attribution operational?

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  • Where should I put my next $100k of budget to drive incremental growth?

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  • How do I judge the saturation point in a channel and stop spending?

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  • How do I see where activity in one channel impacts other channels?

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  • Know which of my digital leads has the highest probability of converting​​

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