Fospha Partners with the Customer Data Platform Institute

Customer Data Platform Institute

Fospha today announces its partnership with the Customer Data Platform Institute, an organisation dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data.

Alongside this, Fospha’s Sam Carter, joins the Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute’s advisory board, consulting on the future of the Institute.

The institute was founded by David Raab in 2013, with the purpose of providing information about issues, methods and technology related to customer data management and Customer Data Platforms. Its conception highlighted the ever-growing need for marketers to leverage their data and gain an integrated view of their customers, as well as the pivotal role of the Customer Data Platforms in achieving this.

Raab previously noted that ‘the growing need for more complete, more accessible customer data has fuelled the rise of CDP systems…but awareness of CDPs is still low. The institute will educate marketers about CDP capabilities and help them take full advantage of these powerful new systems’.

Fospha’s role as partner, and consultant for, the Customer Data Platform Institute continues to place us at the forefront of this growing industry, and we are delighted to be able to demonstrate the value CDPs can bring to businesses.

Sam Carter, commented ‘David Raab and the CDP Institute have been a constant source of inspiration to us as Fospha develops and enhances functionality to arm marketers with data to optimise marketing channel performance. We look forward to partnering with the Institute at a particularly exciting time.’


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