Financial Services Industry Challenges


Financial services industry challenges are increasingly paramount due to the ever-evolving regulations changes. Such as the introduction of CASS in banking, the PSD2 for payment providers, and TCF for lenders.

All these regulations give more power to customers, meaning they are more informed and making it easier for them to change provider.

So how do you overcome these challenges?

Nowadays, the common thread of successful brands is a customer first mentality combined with their ability to make quick and intelligent data driven decisions. It is no longer viable to have your data in silos and only offer a few pre-canned options. You need to have your whole user journey in one place, personalise every experience and predict customer intent.

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Financial services industry challenges: overview



About Fospha

Fospha – the Customer Data Platform specialists – integrates all your data sources into one centralised data platform, providing you with a granular, single customer view. From here, we provide you with the unique tools to understand, and act upon, your data to drive conversions, ROI and reduce dropouts.

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