US Lunch and Learn – Bringing our expertise abroad

 US Lunch and Learn – Bringing our expertise abroad

October 2018 


Last week the Fospha team were honoured to join some of New York’s marketing heavy-hitters for a lunch and learn discussion on customer lifetime value (CLTV), hosted by Head of ClickZ, Sam Lawson.

The discussion ranged from customer acquisition strategy to the impact of Amazon, Facebook and Google on the data landscape.

The event kicked off with Leah Eyler, our Head of US Growth. Leah spoke about the core tenets of marketing attribution, emphasising especially first customer visit, first purchase, and re-acquisition. She asked about the barriers faced by marketers who want to get to know their customer better, and pointed to three key issues:

  • Most data provided by analytics companies is siloed, and its source isn’t always clear
  • Data like this needs to centralised and cleaned before it can be used
  • The challenge is to ensure that each touchpoint you’re measuring is valued accurately


Leah was then joined by Dan Cobley (Managing Partner at Blenheim Chalcot), Stacy Lynch (Senior Director of Enterprise Analytics and Data Strategy at Cox Media Group), and Mark O’Donoghue (CEO of AVADO), for a roundtable discussion chaired by Sam Lawson.

Sam begun by asking about CLTV. Each of the participants offered their views on what it should mean, and what it should enable marketers to do. The panel moved on to talk about the best methods for working out customer lifetime value and the huge benefits to be enjoyed by those who can grasp it clearly. Stacy noted that for those who focus on CLTV, budgeting moves gradually away from the negative notion of “expense” and towards the positive “investment of acquisition”.

Questions to the panel made it clear that the growing influence of Amazon, Google, and Facebook in data analytics is on everyone’s mind. But Dan reminded everyone that it isn’t a case of competition. By really getting to grips with the role platforms play in the customer journey, marketing analytics brings something new to the table.


Many thanks to Sam for leading a great discussion and a celebration of the work that Fospha is doing in the US. We’re looking forward to more Lunch and Learn events in the future!


Watch the video here:


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