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London Dev Community Event: Fospha on micro-services
Our Chief Architect, Ernest, spoke at London Dev Community event last week to explains why Fospha use a micro-services approach and how it benefits both our team and our products.

This Tuesday, our Chief Architect, Ernest, spoke at the London Dev Community event in Hammersmith. Ernest was joined by Nic Jackson, the engineering evangelist from to talk about micro-services. The event started at 6.30pm and was accompanied by a steady supply of pizza and beer.

Ernest discussed how and why we use micro-services here at Fospha, rather than adopting a monolithic approach. For those of you who don’t know, put simply, micro-services are a specialised approach for service-oriented architectures (SOA) used to build flexible, independently deployable software services. One advantage of this is the ability to develop new business capabilities (a new feature of product) without being dependent on previous work. This enables companies to do lots of small bits of work at the same time, without having a knock on effect.

Fospha chooses to use micro-services primarily because of the flexibility it offers us to add new features when needed. It also works well with our agile approach, meaning we can build these new features into our sprints.

The ability for these features to work independently is also beneficial as they offer greater scalability as you can scale each product/feature independently on a case-by-case basis. This means you have more control over what needs to be scaled and understand what to invest into development.

To find out more why not watch Ernest's talk:

We’re looking forward to presenting at our next engineering event.