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Fospha's floating inflatable playground
This week, Fospha went to Liquid Leisure, home to Europe's largest Aqua Park, for our team day out.

Last week was Fospha’s team day out. With previous events consisting of: Go Ape, Abseiling and Paintballing, we had a long think as to what else would be as exhilarating. Finally, we decided to brave the British weather and go to Liquid Leisure, home to Europe’s largest Aqua Park.

However, in true Fospha style we decided it was important to make every moment count. So we split the day 50:50 to balance the fun outdoor activities with some slightly calmer indoor activities (which conveniently also helped us to stay warm).

The aim of the day were to: improve team communications, provide feedback and have fun!

The day kicked off with some indoor team activities, such as identifying things we share in common – we’ve all watched the Matrix!

This was followed by an in-depth discussion about our company mission and product line, to discuss any concerns, ideas on how we could improve and aspects that we thought were a success. This was a beneficial exercise to make sure we’re consistently working to a common goal: making every customer moment count.

The afternoon consisted of two hours on the floating inflatable playground and two half hour banana boat rides – both of which were very amusing and let our competitive sides come out.

The floating playground consisted of several challenging obstacles, for instance climbing ‘the iceberg’, walking ‘the plank’ and general balancing acts that frequently resulted in people falling in. One large incentive not to fall in, was the amount of arm strength required to climb back onto the inflatables – my arms still hurt.

We then split into two groups and were dragged around the lake on a banana boat (in my case literally dragged), and I think it’s safe to say everyone ended up being thrown off at least once. Despite having small odds (0.8%), we found out if you were very unlucky, as I was, it was possible to be thrown in 7/7 times.

By the end of our afternoon water activities I think it’s safe to say that we all felt sufficiently exhausted and were much in need of a cold beer, a common interest shared by 90% of the company, before heading into Windsor for dinner.

We’re all looking forward to our Xmas activity – rumour has it’s another exciting adventure.