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Q&A: Fospha’s Sam Carter on how to own your customer journey with data analytics
ClickZ caught up with Fospha’s Sales and Marketing Director, Sam Carter, to ask him about what he thinks will be the focus for data analytics over the coming year.
Fospha named as one of the key players in global multichannel analytics market
Fospha has been called out by two reports as a leading provider of data analytics to be named a key marketing playing in multi-channel attribution.
AVADO chooses Fospha to maximise Customer Journey revenue
AWARD-WINNING online education provider AVADO Learning, is the latest business to sign Fospha.
Fospha wins Shift London award
Fospha are proud to announce that we are the winners of the 'Best Transformational Product for Brands'.
Stephen Allott joins Fospha's Board
Fospha is delighted to announce that Stephen Allott, former Crown Representative for SMEs, has been appointed to the Fospha board.
Blenheim Chalcot completes acquisition of iJento
Blenheim Chalcot has today completed the acquisition of iJento, the leading platform for customer journey analytics and…
Cox Media Group selects Fospha
Fospha, a leading provider of cloud-based customer intelligence solutions for marketers, today announced that Cox Media…
Fospha extends its analytics solution for LV=
Fospha has announced that it is extending its web…
Cheapflights Media chooses Fospha
Fospha today announced a new implementation of its technology for Cheapflights…
Top 7 barriers to successful attribution
Fospha divluge into what, in our experience, are the 7 principle barriers to attribution
What is the difference between a CDP and DMP?
Both do customer data management, help marketers do their jobs better and help provide richer insight about your customers, so why are there two different systems?
Which advertising channel produces the highest ROI?
With the rise of multi-channel marketing – and the growing split between online, offline, earned and paid media - it is now even harder to track a consumers’ full journey. Businesses are essentially marketing blind.
5 reasons to use a CDP
Fospha decided to create our own bank of reasons why you should use a CDP, based on the most common push backs.
Mobile Channel Growth Webinar
Fospha Sales & Marketing Director, Sam Carter, participated in Bijou Commerce's webinar 'Mobile Web vs. Mobile App'. Find the key insights here.
Personalisation: the key to profitable discount codes
In this article, we look at how to use data to tailor discounts to specific customer segments, reducing the cost of customer acquisition and ultimately optimising conversion in the user journey.
Data-driven attribution: the cure for discount code abuse?
When measuring the effectiveness of discount codes, retailers often get it wrong. In this article, we'll look at how data-driven attribution can help businesses better understand where discount codes produce the best ROI.
Tech trends in 2017
At Fospha, we reckon a number of trends that our team has been working on for a while now will become technology’s equivalent of popular culture in the months ahead. Here are the 7 key technology trends we think will come to surface in 2017.
Facing the challenges of data management in financial services
A company's data is its greatest asset, but as emerging financial technology companies face an entirely different set of challenges when compared with their established counterparts, they require something more from their data.
Discount codes: 5 ways retailers can handle their deal addiction
Discount vouchers can be a great lever to grow top line revenues and engage new customers. However, they can also become a highly addictive and dangerous drug for retailers.
The top 4 topics marketing and analytic leaders are thinking about
The Fospha team recently sat down with senior leaders from marketing and analytics to discuss conversion challenges into 2017 and beyond. We've summarised their thoughts into 4 key topics.
The bigger picture on data analytics? It could be out of focus…
Black Friday and Cyber Monday? A massive, multi-billion success story for planet retail. At least, that’s what the headlines told us, but did they tell us the whole story?
5 key takeaways to nail the customer journey
Forms: get them right and you’ll create a bank of customer data at your fingertips to give you an edge.
WEBINAR: How to optimise your forms for maximum success
Recent data by Fospha has shown that marketers who get forms right are seeing a 20% increase in form conversion rates. In our sponsored webinar with ClickZ, we'll be discussing the best way to optimise your forms.
Our 3 step checklist to better forms
We’ve provided the top three things to focus on to increase form efficiency. Have a look at your forms and use our checklist to see if there’s room for improvement.
Who are Fospha?
Watch our one minute video to understand more about Fospha.
Virtual reality applied to advertising
Our solutions engineer, Antonio Camps discusses the affect virtual reality will have on advertising.
The Birthday Paradox
One of our data scientists, Ruth Boardman, discusses the probability of two people sharing a birthday.
London Dev Community Event: Fospha on micro-services
Our Chief Architect, Ernest, spoke at London Dev Community event last week to explains why Fospha use a micro-services approach and how it benefits both our team and our products.
Fospha's floating inflatable playground
This week, Fospha went to Liquid Leisure, home to Europe's largest Aqua Park, for our team day out.
Guest Blog: Harry Gooding, Arch Graduates
Harry Gooding, General Manager at Arch Graduates talks about Fospha hiring two new graduates.
Financial Services Industry Challenges
We help financial service companies overcome their three biggest industry challenges of acquiring, converting and retaining customers.
Customer Journey Optimisation
Learn how Fospha help clients optimise their customer journey.
Want to know more about Fospha?
Read our report on how Fospha help clients do more with their data
How can you stop customers from abandoning online forms?
Joint report with ClickZ Intelligence.
Case study: A leading UK insurance company
In this case study we show how one of our insurance clients was able to benefit from a 20% increase in online conversion rates.
Insurance industry challenges
We help insurance companies overcome their three biggest industry challenges of acquiring, converting and retaining customers.
Translating subscriber data into actionable intelligence
4 imperatives for media and publishing companies