Multi-Channel Attribution

Click-based attribution is flawed

Understanding attribution

Effective attribution goes beyond getting customers to your site. You need to understand the customer journey from each channel, across all devices through to purchase and beyond.

Fospha go beyond marketing attribution data by reporting the return on investment of each customer.

Know your spend vs revenue

Fospha multi-channel attribution tracks the customer journey across multiple channels and devices, online and offline.

An out of the box suite of reports tell you how value is attributed to customers using a variety of parameterised models, with detailed analysis of your current acquisition model and recommendations for optimisation.

Leverage the power of Fospha's technology

We store all your data and every user interaction over time which means that we can retrospectively merge visitors into a single customer journey and conduct retrospective analysis. Therefore, no data is lost and no steps are missed.

Expand your knowledge

You’ll understand where your customers came from as soon as they purchase. User data can be further enriched from your organisation’s visitor and customer data, acquisition cost data and other relevant sources turning unique users into real people.