Multi-Channel Attribution

Optimise acquisition costs and lifetime value

Customer journeys are increasingly complex

The customer journey is becoming ‘nonline’; non-linear, online and offline, and multi-device.

Without a detailed visitor-level understanding of the multi-visit, multi-channel and multi-device customer journey, marketers don’t understand the real cost of acquisition or lifetime value of their customers.

Understand every interaction

Fospha uses a tailor made model that tracks the customer journey across multiple channels and devices, both online and offline, at single visitor-level detail.

Through identifying the unique user touch points that contributed to your customer conversions, Fospha is able to assign the actual value and cost to each of these events.

Know your profitable channels

Our solutions engineers carry out high-level marketing channel assessments, enabling them to identify marketing spends that don’t contribute to conversions, as well as gaps in measurement of customer acquisition costs and lifetime value.

In doing so, they identify acquisition routes that may be underused, could be used more or can be further optimised, enabling you to redistribute your marketing spend and produce tangible revenue generating results.  

Leverage your insights

Our data science team help businesses identify new types of customer segments by their use of specific touch points in the customer journey.

We leverage these insights to help our clients personalise the customer experience through machine learning and AI, to boost conversion and lifetime value.

We also build predictive attribution models to understand how changes to channel focus will affect business performance.