Intent Triggering

If you knew a customer was going to leave your site, what would you do?

Target specific segments with customised messages

Fospha Intent Triggering enables online businesses and organisations to target website visitors and deliver customised interventions to target audiences, increasing visitor engagement and sales.

Build a profile of visitor intent

Fospha’s unique algorithm goes beyond proxy engagement metrics to track real-time engagement and interest, building a profile of visitor intent during an interaction with a website or app.

Serve the right message at the right time

Triggering the right outcome based on customer interest and behaviour allows you to serve relevant content at the right time to customers: it could be an offer, a survey, webchat or an FAQ.

Leverage the power of Fospha’s technology

Fospha’s customer journey visualisation technology allows you to use data to spot where customers need your help.

So you don’t have to guess where you need to deploy triggers.