Funnel Optimisation

90% of visitors don't buy from you. We can help.

Where are you losing customers?

Fospha’s Customer Journey Optimisation tools were created to tell you precisely where you are losing sales and customers in your funnels. It also tells you what you need to do to measurably improve this for a better conversion rate and CLTV.

Understand customer intent

Funnel optimisation provides an overview to visualise customer journeys through a website or multiple websites. Each journey stage, such as a form, can then be ‘drilled’ into so you cna view detailed, granular data about each customer interaction.

Drill down to the granular data

Split the funnel overview by device and channel, search and compare results by date range.

View how many customers dropped out, how many went somewhere else on your site and where.

Leverage the power of Fospha's technology

Funnels utilises the power of Fospha’s Customer Journey Cloud to stitch together your silo’d customer data across device and session for a complete and consolidated view of your customer data. So customers are counted only once.