Customer journey query

Move beyond segmentation to access granular customer data like never before.

Leverage the power of Fospha’s technology

Fospha break down data silos to provide fast, easy access to a single customer view. Pre-built reports provide scheduled reporting on 350+ key metrics. By providing access to all scheduled reporting, reports are easy to share, analyse or visualise in automated tools.

Democratise your data

Flexible report design and publishing allows you to democratise your data so your teams always have the right information they need.

A simple drag and drop interface allows for without having to understand complex query languages.

A single customer view

Capturing customer data + every interaction over time = no lost data or missed opportunities. Fospha’s retrospective data reconciliation merges lifetime customer visits into a single customer journey.

Understand true customer profiles

Cross device stitching transcends walls separating data, to link activity together across different devices. This means you can understand true customer profiles, regardless of access points.