Fospha platform

Centralise your multi-device, multi-channel data

A customer’s path to purchase is a complex journey. We bring together and integrate data from every step of this journey, and from all available sources, devices, sessions and channels such as web, mobile, email, social, CRM, in-store engagement, call-centre activity, 3rd party integration and TV advertising. Fospha’s flexible platform means you can start with 1 or 2 data silos and add more as you grow. Breaking down these data silos enables you to holistically understand customer behaviour, across all touchpoints, and creates the foundation for true attribution marketing.

Establish a single view of each customer

Simply capturing this data is not enough. Fospha stitches together the demographic information, behavioural data and multi-device, multi-channel activity of every customer to build rich, accurate and powerful single view customer profiles.  By unifying all customer data in this way, you can now tell who your customers are, where they came from, what they viewed and how they got there - improving segmentation, targeting and analysis. Customer profiles persist as customer interactions change and as you add new data feeds.

Drive insights and predictions

Analyse, predict and shape behaviour. Our portfolio of tools allow marketers and analysts to derive better insights from these rich, multichannel customer profiles. We deploy advanced, predictive analytics techniques to understand what is and isn’t working in your marketing mix. Our data science team use machine learning and AI to help you understand your business better, they also build models and recommendation engines to personalise the customer experience in real time.

Interact with customers when it counts

We understand that most of our clients’ marketing teams don’t have the time to action insights themselves. For this reason, our solutions provide you with these valuable insights which can be used to personalise your customer journey. Everything from our own intent triggering tools, to target the right customers at the right time, based on their specific interests and behaviours, to seamless integrations with your existing marketing software, from email automation to portfolio PPC bidding platforms.  With whichever approach you choose, we partner with you to ensure you are taking action at the right time with the right content to engage customers, and drive quantifiable results.

Explore and understand customer behaviour

Our flexible report design and easy-to-use report publishing allows you to democratise access to data throughout your organisation, so your teams are able to make fast data-driven decisions. You can query the data yourself through a SQL server or our intuitive query tool that allows non-technical people to quickly and easily extract data. You can surface the insights using our range of reporting and visualisation tools, or integrate the CDP with your 3rd party reporting tools, such as Tableau, to gain granular detail on your customers.

Secure, fast, and replicated

Our Platform's world-wide infrastructure is built to handle high volume load and to scale as your data requirements demand. We process billions of data points every day at high speed, for all our clients, without impacting their performance.

Supports multi-data source integration

We connect all your customer centric channels and data points, from both direct data sources and 3rd party sources, to build rich profiles and make data easy to understand. Fospha grows your customer intelligence within our Data Warehouse.

KPIs & data APIs

Fospha's Platform captures and preserves each customer visit, building an in-depth view of unique lifetime visits. With full retrospective capability, our platform measures your KPIs against customer lifetime data for time specific reporting. This enables you to gain new insights and use this as actionable data for triggering ROI enhancing moments, to further drive conversions. 

For further data analysis Fospha provides an API for your data team. This allows them to run direct queries, create their own analysis and access unique user profiles. Fospha also makes it easy to extract these findings and share them within your company.

Machine learning, predictive insights & intervention events

Determining customer intent, and applying predictions to personalise and trigger interventions are a core feature of Fospha's Platform. We do this by comparing individual customer behaviour against the idealised behaviour profile to predict customer intent and trigger real-time interaction.

Our Data Science Team own all our data products and use them to solve data-driven problems.

Flexible visualisation and easy reporting

Fospha's Platform includes pre-built reports, to provide scheduled reporting on 350+ key metrics. By providing access to all scheduled reporting, reports are easy to share, analyse or visualise in automated tools. All data is available, and reporting customisable, to accommodate data teams.