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Fospha’s multi-touch attribution solution helps marketers:


Measure the precise contribution of every marketing effort


Understand true cross-channel performance


Identify the highest value next opportunity


Execute the opportunities at scale

We achieve this in three steps:

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To reach a data-driven view of your cross-channel performance, you need a holistic view of your customers.

Our advanced tracking technology captures all your first party customer data from all available sources, devices, sessions and channels. We automatically stitch this to a single user to build a granular picture of your customer’s lifetime journey, cost and value. 

With this, you gain a complete single customer view and an understanding of who your customers are, where they’ve been, what they’ve interacted with and how much their actions have cost you relative to their ROI.


Unlike rule based attribution models, which rely on arbitrary metrics, we use machine learning and AI to assign a precise, data-driven value to each of your marketing activities.

Fospha’s proprietary multi-touch attribution modelling analyses millions of rows of stitched customer data to assign and understand the partial value of every touchpoint in every step of every customer journey.

In doing so, it drills down to the most granular level, so you can understand at a keyword and ad level which marketing activities are driving conversions. From these insights you can then cut wasted spend and reinvest in high ROI activities with confidence.

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3. ACT

Finally, we help you operationalise your data.

We integrate with a full suite of marketing tools, from bid management platforms to email automations and social media platforms. When fuelled with accurately attributed data, these tools can automate activities at scale to increase ROI.

For instance, our attribution model assigns value to keywords based on the role they play at any point in a customer’s journey. By integrating this data with a bid management platform, such as Kenshoo, these insights are automated to optimise PPC campaigns based on where marginal ROI is highest.

So, how would this work for your business?

Take a look at how Fospha work with clients to apply our multi-touch attribution solution:

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