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‘If you’re truly obsessed about your customers, it will cover a lot of your other mistakes.’ - Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

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The complex customer journey and the increasing number of marketing channels continues to provide challenges for the retail industry. Retailers are finding it hard to elevate customer experiences, reduce costs and increase conversions.

We start by integrating all your customer, revenue, sales and CRM data in our Customer Data Platform to provide you with a rich, single customer view and visibility of the end-to-end customer journey. This integrated data is then fed into our multi-touch attribution modelling, which accurately assigns value to each marketing activity down to granular detail – such as individual keyword level – so that you can understand the actual contribution of each channel and activity to your conversions. For instance, gain insight into which keywords lead to conversions, which are a waste of your budget, and where you should reinvest to increase ROI.

To scale these activities at scale and in real-time, we integrate with your choice of bid management platform – such as Kenshoo – to operationalise your clients’ insights and provide seamless optimisation.

Machine learning is then applied to your attributed data in order to cluster customers on the basis of highly specific interests, behaviours and intent. These are then used to push out personalised content to the right customers, at the right time to increase engagement, conversions, and ROI.


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64% consumers want personalised offers from retail brands – Salesforce (2017)