US Media Group increases paid subscribers by 50%

US Media Group increases paid subscribers by 50%

'The Fospha Customer Journey Cloud stitched together more than 6 billion subscriber data touch points, including 12 months of historical data, across multiple channels to generate the richest subscriber profiles and journeys we’ve ever seen. The result has been a significant improvement in our engagement with subscribers and a lift in both subscriber and advertising revenue.'

Despite huge efforts, many media businesses struggle to retain subscribers and monetise content, whilst facing higher acquisition costs.  They find it hard to use the masses of data they have to make better decisions and find traditional optimisation tools often prove to be ineffective.  Fospha is a new breed of technology driven by granular customer data across the whole user journey.  We work with forward-thinking media businesses to optimise their customer journeys, drive acquisition and engagement, and monetise content.


Our client, a major US digital publishing company and media group with broadcast, cable TV, radio stations, newspapers, weekly magazines and over 100 digital services faced a common challenge - where data is decentralised across the organization - trying to build a picture of client activity.

At the start of the engagement, our client had little to no insight into customer behaviour or content consumption throughout the customer journey, across multiple devices and channels preventing them from designing more effective marketing strategies. The lack of actionable insights was preventing them from better content monetisation and an advertising revenue uplift.

Media and publishing companies need to analyse beyond the basic demographics that historically dominated the industry, and develop an understanding of the customer journey from the point of brand awareness through retention, in order to design smart and effective marketing strategies that drive revenue, increase subscriber engagement and loyalty.

Our client needed a solution that tackled a list of ambitious goals, and in a short amount of time, allowing the organization and data team to incrementally build a mature, predictive solution to revenue generation – moving away from their focus on cost cutting to compete – and faced a number of specific challenges to achieving revenue positive results:

  • Diminishing revenue streams based solely on traditional subscription and advertising
  • Difficulty understanding the origin of visit, and the journey along the path
  • Decentralised data across the organization, and among media properties
  • Little to no insight into customer behaviour or intent
  • No measurement for content engagement through the customer journey
  • Limited to no quantitative data for planning effective marketing strategies
  • No cross device user record for visitors, at a granular level


  • Acquire // a solution to better understand how customers are finding content and moving between devices
  • Onboard // ability to collect implicit and explicit data to build rich customer profiles
  • Engage // build personalised marketing communication streams across channels
  • Convert // drive non-paying subscribers across paywalls by delivering the right content
  • Grow // identify high-value subscribers to drive incremental advertising and cross-sell revenues
  • Win-back // understand and re-engage inactive subscribers

Increase in registered viewers


Increase in paid subscribers


Lifted advertising revenues


Improved campaign targeting all devices

Solution Overview

Fospha enabled our client to create a single view of the customer and rich customer profiles to drive business insight and help the marketing team personalise brand experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Using the Fospha Platform, our client was able to integrate web/mobile, subscriber systems, paywall management, social media, demographic, email and advertising data, including 12 months of visitor history to create a holistic view of customer behaviour across all channels that:

  • Delivered business insight that drove effective marketing strategy and ROI analysis
  • Enabled marketers to identify paid vs non-paid subscribers to execute conversion campaigns by matching subscriber systems/Paywall Management System data against web and mobile data.
  • Provided a united view of subscribers across mobile and web to create true insight into customer behaviours across channels
  • Continuously reduced anonymous customer data by intelligently profiling them against identified customers that reside within the platform
  • Leveraged Social Media and Demographic data to score and segment individuals based on social preferences and socio-economic parameters
  • Provided insight that allowed marketers to understand performance of advertising and email campaigns

Tools Used

Form Optimisation

Ensure that you have the most efficient and optimised forms to drive conversions. 

Funnel Optimisation

Understand and ensure that you have the most efficient and optimised user journey paths through your site (and network of sites).

Multi-Channel Attribution

Fospha attribution tracks the customer journey across multiple channels and devices, through to purchase and beyond. Used to understand true customer ROI and focus resources and driving the best return.

Intent Triggering

Our intent engine understands intent and engagement in real time and triggers an action based on specific customer behaviours that you need to influence.

Customer Journey Query

Move beyond segmentation to access granular customer data like never before. Fospha break down data silos to provide fast, easy access to a single customer view.