UK mutual insurance provider increases conversions by 26%

'Fospha has been key to how we’ve grown our business. Whether the data originates from desktop or mobile devices, the solution has been invaluable to our continued development and progress.'

Many insurers have 90% drop out rates and are facing higher acquisition costs. They find it hard to use the masses of data they have to make better decisions.  Traditional optimisation tools often prove to be ineffective.  We work with some of the largest and most forward-thinking insurance businesses to optimise their customer journeys.  Fospha is a new breed of technology driven by granular customer data across the whole user journey.  Used by insurers to optimise attribution, fix key problem areas and drive cross-sells and renewals through the entire customer journey.


A major UK mutual insurance company, offering a range of savings, investments and insurance products for home, car, pet, travel and life coverage faced the challenge of a multi-visit, multi-device, sometimes protracted process in moving from customer acquisition to conversion with potential customers. The company, started in 1843, operates with the goal of providing financial security and peace of mind to customers, and strives to stay consistent in this goal while engaging with customers who can purchase insurance by contact centre, online, and through mobile devices.

Prior to purchase, customers research the best plans, and normally spend several visits becoming informed of products before making a purchase. Managing these channels through the customer lifecycle prior to purchase is essential, and requires a more detailed business analytics system to make sure the company are connecting with their clients in a helpful, and positive way as they move through the decision making process.


  • Open architecture
  • Open Data Access to customise queries, dashboards and reports in line with existing corporate practices
  • Suite of Analytical Solutions
  • Ability to continually monitor and improve quality of online multi-device, multi-channel experience

Increase in application throughput


Increase in quote success


Increase in conversions

Solution Overview

Using the Fospha technology platform, our client saw an opportunity to quickly expand from desktop to multidevice analytics, and from there, to multichannel customer intelligence - using the comprehensive insights to develop better services and engagement with customers.

Following implementation of the Fospha Customer Journey Cloud, our client was able to see a more powerful segmentation emerging, helping the organisation tailor its KPIs to understand different customer profiles, goals and values. They were able to put practices in motion to ensure its digital analytics, offline marketing and product management teams measured against the correct target customers and understand how to maximise business across the diversity of their market.

In addition to segmentation, and more accurate KPIs, our client used Fospha's channel attribution to establish more effective marketing campaigns. Now, our client understands the entire journey of its customers, including what channels are being used in the research stage, all the way to the decision to purchase. The entire organisation can optimise and approach campaigns with this understanding to maximise sales and reduce costs to increase ROI.

Tools Used

Form Optimisation

Ensure that you have the most efficient and optimised forms to drive conversions. 

Funnel Optimisation

Understand and ensure that you have the most efficient and optimised user journey paths through your site (and network of sites).

Multi-Channel Attribution

Fospha attribution tracks the customer journey across multiple channels and devices, through to purchase and beyond. Used to understand true customer ROI and focus resources and driving the best return.

Intent Triggering

Our intent engine understands intent and engagement in real time and triggers an action based on specific customer behaviour to re-engage and influence them. 

Customer Journey Query

Move beyond segmentation to access granular customer data like never before. Fospha break down data silos to provide fast, easy access to a single customer view.