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“To succeed in business you need to…understand what your customers want.” - Richard Branson

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Our Financial Services clients often struggle in four main areas: taking control of their customer data, understanding the role of their various marketing channels, knowing which customers are eligible and personalizing their outreach to increase conversions.

Our Customer Data Platform tackles these challenges head on by integrating your disparate cost, revenue and customer data sources to provide you with visibility of the entire customer journey. We then apply advanced multi-touch attribution modelling to assign accurate value to  each marketing channel. We also enable you to drill down to the most granular level, so you can show your clients which individual keywords and ads are contributing to these conversions. These insights can then be used to help them cut wasted spend and reinvest with confidence in high ROI activities. To scale these activities in real-time, we integrate with your choice of bid management platform – such as Kenshoo – to operationalise your clients’ insights and provide seamless optimisation.

Once you’ve optimised your marketing channels you can employ machine learning to predict which customers are most valuable to your company. For instance, Fospha helped a client predict, based on tracked customer behaviours, whether they would be reliable customers and make their loan payments on time. By integrating with marketing automation systems you can target these clusters of customers with relevant content based on their specific behaviours, in order to increase conversions.

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