Many financial service providers have 90% drop out rates and complex, time consuming customer journeys. We can help.

'We are faced with increased customer expectations, an accelerating pace of innovation and growing competition from FinTech. We needed a provider that could make a real difference to customer journeys in a regulated industry.'

Traditional optimisation tools often prove to be ineffective.  We work with some of the largest and most forward-thinking financial service businesses to optimise their customer journeys.  Fospha is a new breed of technology driven by granular customer data across the whole user journey.  We optimise attribution, fix key problem areas and drive cross-sells and renewals through the entire customer journey.

Our approach

We start by fix­ing key prob­lem areas in your on­line cus­tomer jour­ney.  We find three ini­tial areas yield the biggest cost re­duc­tion and rev­enue in­creases.

Forms - Show­ing you the pre­cise points where you are los­ing your most valu­able cus­tom­ers on your forms.  The im­pact of each pain point in a mon­et­ary value and what you can do to im­prove this.

Identi­fy­ing the rev­enue at­tri­bu­tion of your cus­tomer ac­quis­i­tion spend - Telling you the rev­enue that each £ spent on ac­quis­i­tion de­liv­ers.  We find that this res­ults in cut­ting waste and show­ing where to in­crease spend for bet­ter re­turns.

In­crease your data aware­ness - When data is mys­ter­i­ous or dif­fi­cult to un­der­stand, teams don’t use it prop­erly and make im­per­fect de­cisions.  That’s why we’ve cre­ated a tool, with clear visualisations that is easily shareable, so that your teams can see the key num­bers they need to know, to make ef­fect­ive de­cisions. 

Want to do more? We’ve got a ma­chine learn­ing tool to pre­dict what products you should put in front of cus­tom­ers to drive sales, or we could tell you the im­pact of voucher codes on your long term sales. But start small first, see the value and then con­tinue to grow your data know­ledge.

How it works

Rev­enue en­han­cing de­cisions that work are based on hav­ing the right data that can be ac­tioned.

Step 1.  The Fos­pha Cus­tomer Jour­ney Cloud is the plat­form to con­sol­id­ate your mass of scattered cus­tomer data from every user jour­ney, in­ter­ac­tion, device and silo into a gran­u­lar single cus­tomer view.  It forms the found­a­tions of be­ing data driven.

Step 2. Pick the tools that you want to use:

  • Forms are areas of high friction. We can de­tect pre­cisely when, where and why cus­tom­ers are drop­ping out, so you can in­crease your con­ver­sion rate.
  • Fun­nel op­tim­isa­tion al­lows you to in­stantly see your over­all fun­nel per­form­ance and drill down into prob­lem areas to un­der­stand why your cus­tom­ers are leav­ing.
  • Multi-chan­nel at­tri­bu­tion we track your cus­tomer jour­ney across mul­tiple chan­nels and devices through to pur­chase and bey­ond to help you un­der­stand where you’re ac­quir­ing cus­tom­ers most ef­fect­ively, so you can do more of it.
  • In­tent trig­ger­ing to in­flu­ence your cus­tom­ers at the right mo­ment to drive con­ver­sion and lower bounce rate
  • Fos­pha Data Query tool to en­able data teams and data savvy mar­keters to make sense of their data and turn it into useable cli­ent in­sight, driv­ing spe­cific ac­tions.  This tool typ­ic­ally re­duces ana­lysis time by 50%.

Set up

With the Fos­pha tool set up, you will be able to:

  • Op­tim­ise your cus­tomer jour­neys.
  • Op­tim­ise your forms. Identifying pre­cisely where you are los­ing sales and cus­tom­ers, then learn what you need to do to meas­ur­ably im­prove this.
  • As­sign rev­enue to every stage of the user jour­ney to im­prove cus­tomer ac­quis­i­tion.
  • Demo­crat­ise data through easy re­port­ing and ana­lysis tools among your team.
  • Un­der­stand the value of site changes on mar­gins and rev­en­ues.
  • Un­der­stand the im­pact of multi-device and multi-chan­nel at­tri­bu­tion on rev­enue.

Tools Used

Form Optimisation

Ensure that you have the most efficient and optimised forms to drive conversions. 

Funnel Optimisation

Understand and ensure that you have the most efficient and optimised user journey paths through your site (and network of sites).

Multi-Channel Attribution

Fospha attribution tracks the customer journey across multiple online and offline channels and devices, through to purchase and beyond. Used to understand true customer ROI and focus resources to drive the best return. 

Intent Triggering

Our intent engine understands intent and engagement in real time and triggers an action based on specific customer behaviour to re-engage and influence them. 

Customer Journey Query

Move beyond segmentation to access granular customer data like never before. Fospha break down data silos to provide fast, easy access to a single customer view.