Improve your data analysis efficiency by 50%

Many agencies could be better at helping their clients use the masses of data they have to make better data driven decisions and deliver clear actionable results to improve customer journeys so that they reduce client costs and increase client revenue. 

Everything an agency needs to improve customer journeys.

Traditional optimisation tools often prove to be ineffective. Fospha is a new breed of technology driven by granular customer data across the whole user journey. The Fospha Customer Journey Cloud is a platform with open access for data teams and a set of tools which provide easy to use reports for those with smaller, to no, in-house capability. To enable you to tell your clients precisely where they are losing sales and customers throughout the user journey. 

How it works

Deploy the Customer Journey Cloud to consolidate all of a client’s mass of scattered customer data from every user journey, interaction, device and silo into a granular single customer view.

We then provide our industry leading Fospha Data Query tool to enable data focused consultants to make sense of the data and turn it into useable client insight, driving specific actions. This tool typically reduces analysis time by 50%.

On top of this sits highly visual tools to enable clients to visual their data.  These include Forms and Funnels visualisation tools to drill down into the data and company-wide tools to democratise data across an organisation.

With the Fospha tool set you will be able to help your clients:

  • Optimise their customer journeys.
  • Optimise their forms and funnels. Identify precisely where they are losing sales and customers and tell them what you can do to measurably improve this.
  • Assign revenue to every stage of the user journey to improve customer acquisition.
  • Democratise data through easy reporting and analysis tools among your clients.
  • Understand the value of site changes on margins and revenues.
  • Understand the impact of multi-device and multi-channel attribution on revenue.
  • Have an end to end data solution to power a data driven strategy for your clients.
  • Once you have deployed the Customer Journey Cloud, you can use Fospha intelligence with our machine learning tools to solve more complex client problems and identify problems they didn’t know existed.

Set up and support

We have a proven tiered set up process.

  • Deploy the Fospha Customer Journey Cloud by adding a four line snippet of code to start ingesting web data.
  • Scale and add further data sources through our APIs and data capture tools at a pace that suits your clients.
  • Gain immediate access to analysis and data visualisation tools.
  • Phone and email support as needed.

Tools Used

Form Optimisation

Ensure that you have the most efficient and optimised forms to drive conversions. 

Funnel Optimisation

Understand and ensure that you have the most efficient and optimised user journey paths through your site (and network of sites).

Multi-Channel Attribution

Fospha attribution tracks the customer journey across multiple online and offline channels and devices, through to purchase and beyond. Used to understand true customer ROI and focus resources to drive the best return. 

Intent Triggering

Our intent engine understands intent and engagement in real time and triggers an action based on specific customer behaviour to re-engage and influence them. 

Customer Journey Query

Move beyond segmentation to access granular customer data like never before. Fospha break down data silos to provide fast, easy access to a single customer view.