Fospha for CMOs

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For the CMO, allocating spend with opaque visibility is a high risk exercise. Fospha’s tracking technology brings all the data into one place, giving a holistic view of your customers’ journey allowing you to quickly see the value of each channel and allocate budget accordingly

As a marketing leader, it’s crucial to make 1-1 correlations between actions and tangible revenue results. You need to be able to understand results and optimise your team’s efforts in a way that makes sense to the whole C-suite.

What you get

Our query tool lets you choose whether to consume your data in weekly overview reports, or dive deeper and find out even more. Putting all the data in one place means you can see the end-to-end customer journey. Now you can understand how every pound of budget works for you, identify bad spend and highlight investment opportunities.

GDPR compliance – on the eve of one of the biggest changes to data protection in decades, Fospha’s dedicated GDPR Officer ensures there are no surprises

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