‘The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.’

- Peter Drucker, Management Consultant, Educator and Author
Derive insights from your data with Fospha
How do we achieve this?

Our single customer view provides a detailed, visitor-level understanding of the multi-visit, multi-channel and multi-device customer journey. Fospha’s proprietary data-driven, multi-touch attribution modelling then leverages this knowledge and analyses every step in every customer’s journey – taking into account the specific of your marketing campaigns, customers, brands and customer journey. This provides you with a granular understanding of how different marketing channels contribute to your customers’ conversions.

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Fospha’s attribution modelling then assigns a data-driven value to each of these conversions. Unlike standard ‘out-of-the-box’ models (like first and last click) we use the most advanced algorithmic modelling that provides the most accurate value to each stage in the customer journey – to help marketers understand the real value and cost associated with each of their marketing touchpoints. With these insights, you can identify where marketing activity plays little to no role in driving conversions. Our attribution model drills down to the most granular level – including specific keywords and ads – so you know exactly where you are over or underspending on a channel.


We understand the importance of presenting data in a manner that allows for easy analysis. Fospha’s unique, self-service Query tool has an intuitive user interface that enables all areas of an organisation to access information, and retrieve the data they need themselves. This drag-and-drop report builder can be used to run infinite queries on your data, and includes functions such as the ability to easily schedule and export results. Using this tool, businesses are able to easily draw out their key data insights, and democratise this information throughout the organisation.

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Experience tells us that businesses struggle with managing the cost of customer acquisition, as well as understanding – in granular detail – what their customers are doing. Fospha overcomes these challenges by offering both an in-house reporting and visualisation suite, as well as integrations with countless 3rd party softwares, both of which enables businesses to quickly digest key data insights. Our Customer Data Platform provides ‘windows’ into your most important data – to ensure that you are focused on understanding the data that matters. For those challenges that you can’t tackle on your own, we offer bespoke data projects, – carried out by our top-class data scientists. Click here to learn more.


Experience tells us that businesses struggle with understanding what their customers are doing, as well as managing their cost of customer acquisition. Fospha’s Customer Data Platform uses the most advanced technology to provide ‘windows’ into your marketing channels. We don’t rely on arbitrary metrics to assign value to your marketing touchpoints – instead we have created the most advanced attribution models out there, so you know you’re getting the most accurate insights possible.


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