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Fospha helped a Direct-to-Consumer brand reduce the cost of acquiring customers while growing revenue


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    Uncover and improve the true Customer Acquisition Cost and Return on Investment in each of their channels

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    Overcome potential saturation of their largest channel, Facebook


Understanding Channel Performance

  • Onboarding in just 2 weeks, Fospha set up customer journey tracking and stitched the journey together, including Facebook, Instagram, Display and Email

  • Through our growth platform, we were able to show a fully transparent cross-channel view of what activity was really driving sales


Fospha found that

  • Customer Acquisition Cost reduced by 12% through spend redistribution

  • Customer was able to increase Facebook investment with confidence

  • Re-invested savings led to top-line revenue growth of 13% year on year

  • Further opportunities uncovered to raise revenue through email

  • Direct-to-Consumer jewelry brand reduced Customer Acquisition Cost by 12% while growing revenue 13% year on year


Client Testimonial

Before Fospha, we simply could not see the full picture on spend, sales and true Customer Acquisition Cost. In our search for a solution, we couldn't find a measurement solution that matched our focus and ambition. After seeing the results of the first 30 days working with Fospha, we wished we’d found it sooner. Fospha used data to confirm our hunches, drive our growth and pay for itself within 30 days.

CMO, Direct-to-Consumer jewelry brand

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