How we work

Getting to simple

We’ve brought together phenomenal engineering, data science and marketing capability combined with entrepreneurs who have managed and grown businesses. We are an international team, who believe diversity means well-rounded depth of knowledge when tackling problems.

Data science culture

Fospha sits at the cross roads between technology, data, and business.

Data projects at Fospha are challenging and diverse. The strategy always begins with understanding the problems and translating an often vague business issue into one with an analytic approach. Data science at Fospha then answers, can this problem be solved and how?

Solving data problems at Fospha is about collecting and structuring good data, leveraging quantitative analysis, machine learning, statistical learning, mathematical modelling, and some analytic creativity to distinguish a signal from the noise, solving impactful problems with actionable intelligence.

How we think

Our culture evolves with every new hire – you add something valuable here.  Here’s what we believe…

  • Everyone matters
  • Every moment matters, ours, our colleagues, our clients - in life as well as work
  • We believe in thinking then doing, where the facts not the opinion win through
  • Incisive questioning – we invite it, we encourage, we depend on it
  • Celestine prophecy anyone? We believe in the idea of synchronicity
  • Cialdini's 6 Principles – you can borrow our copy
  • Courageous experimentation, quick learning, and moving forward

Problem solving culture

Joining Fospha means bringing your experience, personality, professionalism, and courage to a team of people working on interesting problems and toward audacious goals. We use technology, data, creativity and passion to build products that put intelligence into the hands of organisations. To do this, we applaud independent thinking combined with teamwork – if you have an idea, a thought, a challenge, we encourage you to dig in, define the problem, find a way to prove it or disprove it, and bring that knowledge forward to solve problems as a team. We promise to listen, and hear you. We love success, but believe in fail fast, and we move quickly either way.