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Fospha’s 18 year history is grounded in advanced data engineering, science and analytics.

Over the years, multi-touch attribution has been an increasingly priority application for our clients…and in turn, has become our primary focus.

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With our extensive experience in integrating and activating customer data, we know exactly what needs to be tracked, how to do it, and how best to stitch data points together to provide you with the most accurate, granular view of your customer and their multi-channel journey.

Our huge differentiation is out ability to leverage AI, machine-learning and the complete Customer Data record to provide:

An up-to-date, data-driven, cross-channel marketing view that accurately tracks your customers through their journey.
A living breathing, constantly updating, attribution solution that accurately assigns value to your marketing activities.
Data quality and depth that helps you spend the next dollar of marketing spend, at scale, and automatically.

This is fuelled by:

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We don't rely on arbitrary metrics like first or last click to assign value to your marketing touchpoints. Instead, our data-driven models take all historical visitor journeys into account to assign the most accurate value to all the touchpoints in a customer journey.
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Our AI layer clusters customers based on behavioural and demographic information creating highly specific segments. You can then target these with personalised messaging and content to drive conversions.
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Our solution employs machine learning to continuously learn more about your customers based on their past, present and future interactions. Customer clusters are continuously updated, to ensure you have the most accurate insights possible for your targeting needs.
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Our proprietary self-service reporting and dashboarding tools such as Query, allows you to create your own reports. Our multi-touch attribution dashboard provides enhanced views on marketing performance across all channels. We can also deploy into any third party software such as Tableau.
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Our visitor stitching technology connects typically anonymised data with known identifiers to a single user to help you understand who your individual customers are. You can also stitch your cost and revenue data to understand your cost of customer acquisition.
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We complement rather than replace your current marketing stack. Our Customer Data Platform seamlessly integrates with 200+ marketing software - from email automation tools, bid management platforms, to Facebook ad editor to feed a richer data source into your customer communications platforms and marketing efforts.

Our solution and technology is industry agnostic. Proving this, our ever-expanding client base from around the world spans financial services, government, agency, media and retail:

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